1. You are not hollow.

    There is a vast landscape
    opened up in your heart,
    with continents so wide
    that it might feel 
    (at times)
    utterly empty,

    but is, in truth,
    howling with life and a love
    that will send echoes and tremors
    over your geography, your geology,
    shaking the stalled tectonics
    of your stationary heart,
    splitting the coldness of the ground, 
    and waking you from numb sleep.

    Lonely soul, yes, you are,
    but remember this—
    hollow creatures
    don’t feel the earth shake.

  2. supercargautier:

    cats are squishy cartoon friends that live in your house with you and do rad stunts. if they like you they vibrate at you very loudly. this is somehow a real animal

  3. cooldudebro:

    let me lay down some facts for you:

    • aliens are real
    • horoscopes are real
    • skeletons are real
    • star wars is probably real
    • linkin park is almost too real
  4. I’m going to be alone forever. How cool is that?

  5. I wonder if your chest ever aches at the sound of my name the same way mine does whenever I hear yours.
  6. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

  7. For almost a week I haven’t gone to bed without a drink or two first. That’s when you know your life is in shambles.